Account Management and Analytics Dashboard experience intermittent errors

8:34 AM PT: The issue was solved. Account Management and Analytics Dashboard are back to normal.

8:02 AM PT: Account Management impact confirmed. US Based customers are not able to configure accounts with Analytics in DPS Dashboard – Account Administration page.

7:51 AM PT: Because of a SiteCatalyst issue, the Analytics Dashboard is experiencing intermittent errors or slow response times. More updates to follow.

22-Jul-2014 7:51 PDT by Costin Genescu

[Resolved] Error #1009 when creating multi-folio apps in App Builder

[10:00 am PDT] Customers using DPS App Builder to create multi-folio applications with .mobileprovision files created in the iTunes  Developer Portal after 7/17/2014 are experiencing error #1009 when attempting to create the application. This only impacts customers using .mobileprovision files created after 7/17/2014. Older .mobileprovision files will work correctly.

We are investigating the changes necessary to update App Builder to support recent changes to the .mobileprovision files generated by the iTunes Developer Portal. An update will be posted by Monday, July 21st, at 8am PDT.

[2014-07-21 6:30am PDT]: This is now resolved. If you encountered this issue please delete the .mobileprovision file you were using and go back to the iTunes Developer Portal and generate a new one. The new one you generate should work. There is no need to update your App Builder client.

18-Jul-2014 10:13 PDT by Remus Stratulat

[Resolved] DPS Portal options disabled

10:13 am PT: All services have been restored

10:00 am PT: Work on fix continues

7:20 am PT : Intermittent failures are still being observed.  The problem has been identified and we are working on a solution which will be available no sooner than 10 am PT.

Note that publishing impact is limited to inability to share content from the Folio Producer.  Other publishing functions are operating as expected.

We have identified the following temporary workarounds for some of the problems:

- Sharing is available and may be executed from the Folio Builder Panel.

- Account administration may be accessed after successful login if you go to a separate tab and open the following page directly:

- At this time we do not have a means to provide access to Analytics or Push notification functions.

6:15 am PT: The DPS Operations team is observing an intermittent issue with the DPS portal dashboard, where certain options (such as Analytics, Notifications or Account Administration) appear as disabled for some of the customers. We are currently investigating and further assessing the impact.

15-Jul-2014 6:19 PDT by Dragos Georgita

[Resolved]Content Delivery and Publishing unavailable

8:19 pm PT: All services have been restored

7:30 pm PT: Work on the fix continues.

6:37 pm PT: Work on the fix is continues.  There is currently no ETA for service restoration.  Additional  information on the nature of the problem may be found at:

5:38 pm PT: We have identified the root cause of the problem and are working to restore service as soon as possible.

5:25 pm PT: Investigation continues.

4:35 pm PT: At this time customers are unable to login to  and other DPS functions.  Investigations continue.

DPS Operations has discovered failures in content delivery and publishing beginning at 4:10 pm PT.  We are investigating the problem now.

Next update: 8:30 pm PT.

14-Jul-2014 16:19 PDT by Michelle Dalton

[Resolved] Publishing and Upload unavailable

[Update 3:35am PDT] The problem has been resolved. Content upload and publishing operations are back to normal.

[Update 3:28am PDT] The intermittent errors have significantly reduced however we are continuing to monitor the situation along with our vendor. Next update: 15 minutes.

[Update 3:13am PDT] Still investigating. Next update: 15 minutes.

[Update 2:53am PDT] The team has determined the scope of impact to be intermittent problems uploading content and publishing. We are contacting a 3rd party vendor and continuing to investigate. Next update: 15 minutes.

[2:43am PDT] The DPS Operations team observed an outage of publishing and article upload. We are currently investigating and further assessing the scope of impact. Next update: 10 minutes

11-Jul-2014 2:43 PDT by Sarinder Virk

Adobe DPS v31.1 Update Now Available

This release includes improvements to the iOS, Android and Windows viewers.

This update does not require an update to the InDesign Plug-ins.

See the What’s New page for more info about the updates, and refer to the Bug fix release notes page for bug fixes in this release.

Adobe DPS Team

8-Jul-2014 1:06 PDT by Bur Davis

Adobe DPS tools now available for InDesign CC2014

The 2014 release of Creative Cloud is now live, and DPS tools compatible with InDesign CC2014 are available to support it. Installation instructions for the DPS tools can be found here.

Adobe DPS Team.

18-Jun-2014 16:08 PDT by Bur Davis

[RESOLVED] Content distribution service degredation

[Update 6-15 12:30am PST] DPS team has confirmed the fix with China distribution vendor. Ops team has verified that content distribution to China is fully restored as of 12:18am PST.

[Update 6-15 12am PST] China distribution vendor has identified the fix and is in progress of restoring the service.

[Update 6-14 11:30pm PST] China distribution vendor has identified the root cause of the failure and is currently working on the fix. DPS ops team is progressing on mitigation plan to restore part of the China distribution service.

[Update 6-14 11pm PST] China distribution vendor is continuing with the investigation. DPS ops team is also exploring mitigation plan to reduce customer impact.

[Update 6-14 10:30pm PST] DPS ops team is still working with China distribution vendor on trouble shooting the failure.

[Update 6-14 10pm PST] DPS ops team is working with 3rd party vendor for China to investigate the cause of failure for DPS in China.

DPS Operations has been notified of problem with content distribution service in China.  This may cause failures viewing content from China. DPS ops team is currently investigating the root cause.

14-Jun-2014 21:42 PDT by Jianlan Song

Adobe DPS v31 is now available

Adobe DPS v31 is now available. Please attend the DPS v31 briefing on June 16, 2014 for more information on new features and updates. Sign up here.

You also can view the v31 release notes to get more information about the release.

DPS v31 requires that InDesign CC/CS6 users install DPS Desktop Tools v30 or later. InDesign CS5.5 or 5.5 users must have Folio Builder panel v30 or later installed or you will be asked to update. Please choose About from the Folio Builder panel and review the last two digits to determine the installed version. Installation instructions for the DPS tools can be found here.

Note that DPS will drop support of InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 with the v32 DPS release, scheduled for September 2014. When DPS v32 ships, users of InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS5.5 will no longer be able to create folios or upload articles to the Folio Producer Service in DPS. InDesign CS6 and InDesign Creative Cloud users will be unaffected by the changes to DPS v32. More information can be found here.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Team.

11-Jun-2014 14:40 PDT by Bur Davis

[Resolved] Log in failure blocking content upload and publishing

[Update 10:26am PST] First alert started 9:49am PST. Operations team has restored the system and all DPS functions are functional now. Ops team will keep monitoring the health of the system.

DPS Operations has been notified of problems with login functions that are causing failures with sign in to  This may also cause failures with publishing and upload function.

We are currently investigating and further assessing the scope of impact.


9-Jun-2014 10:12 PDT by Jianlan Song

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