[Resolved] Users unable to login to Publishing Portal, Folio Builder Panel and Account Management

[10:35am PT] The issue has been resolved.

Users are currently unable to sign on to the Account Management interface, the Folio Builder Panel and the Publishing Portal due to a upstream outage of authentication service. The Operations team is actively investigating. Next update 10:45am PT.

24-Nov-2014 10:26 PST by Sarinder Virk

[RESOLVED] DPS service outage

DPS producer services experienced error logging in due to authentication service outage since 6:12am PST. Operational team is investigating to fix the issue.

[7:15am PST] Log in issue is resolved. All services are back to normal now.

19-Nov-2014 7:06 PST by Jianlan Song

Adobe DPS v32.3 now available

The v32.3 release includes bug fixes for the iOS viewer, see Bug fix release notes for more information.  This release also includes Web-based DPS App Builder support for Windows apps, more information can be found here.  See What’s New in this release for complete release details.

As a reminder, with the v32.4 release in December, the legacy Content Viewer for Android will be retired and you will no longer use DPS App Builder to create or edit legacy Android apps.  Instead, build native Android 4.0.3 or later apps for phones and tablets using the Web-based DPS App Builder.  More details can be found here.

If you would like to receive more detailed updates on DPS product news, how-to content and training information, please sign up here.

Adobe DPS Team

10-Nov-2014 15:08 PST by Sean Schnoor

Adobe DPS and iPhone 6 Plus

Customers have reported to Adobe that in some instances DPS applications are not displaying correctly on the iPhone 6 Plus running iOS8.1.   The DPS team is currently investigating.  We have tested the most common iOS devices and OS combinations and have isolated this issue to the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS8.1.  We have determined that upgrading to the latest DPS viewer (v32.2) and resubmitting your application corrects the problem.
The DPS Current Known Issues page will provide you with details on issues that we are aware of with the 32.2 release of DPS.
The Adobe DPS Team

24-Oct-2014 14:29 PST by Sean Schnoor

Adobe DPS v32.2 now available

This release includes bug fixes to iOS and Android viewers. See the Bug fix release notes page for details.

Adobe DPS Team

20-Oct-2014 12:48 PST by Sean Schnoor

[Resolved] Intermittent login issues

[10:40am PT] The issue has been resolved.

Users may be intermittently unable to login to the Folio Builder Panel and the Publishing Portal. The Operations team is actively investigating. Next update 10:45am PT.

13-Oct-2014 10:27 PST by Sarinder Virk

Adobe DPS v32.1 now available

This release includes improvements to the iOS, Android and Windows viewers. In addition, exporting PowerPoint presentations as folios is now supported as well as local notifications for iOS 8.
See the What’s New page for more info about the updates, and refer to the Bug fix release notes page for bug fixes in this release.
Adobe DPS Team

1-Oct-2014 21:50 PST by Derek Lu

Legacy Content Viewer for Android to be retired

To deliver a more engaging reading experience on Android tablet and phones, we encourage customers to start using the native Content Viewer for Android which offers extended capabilities as compared to the legacy, AIR-based Content Viewer for Android. It is also important to note that with the December 2014 release of Digital Publishing Suite, the legacy, AIR-based Android viewer will be retired and no longer supported. Please review the Native Content Viewer for Android FAQ for more information.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Team

30-Sep-2014 12:14 PST by Bur Davis

[RESOLVED] Intermittent failures uploading content to distribution

Update 12:05 pm PDT: Operations teams have isolated the problem, and there is one open issue that is not generally impacting production, which teams will continue to investigate. Status is being restored to green.

Some customers are reporting errors uploading content to distribution. This does not impact Folio Producer API. Operations teams are isolating the problem.

Next update: 1 hour

22-Sep-2014 10:54 PST by Mike De Laurentis

(NEW Sept. 13) Important Update regarding iOS 8 Support

This week DPS Engineering identified a new problem with v31/32 viewers that adversely impacts a user’s ability to access and download content when upgrading to iOS 8.   This problem has been corrected, but it does require DPS applications to be rebuilt and resubmitted to Apple – even if you have rebuilt your app(s) recently.

Applications must be built with App Builder after 3:00 AM PDT September 13 and submitted to Apple for these changes to take effect.

More detailed information can be found here.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Team

13-Sep-2014 7:30 PST by Sean Schnoor

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