This page shows the service status for Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015) and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). Make sure to reference the service you are working on and the status of the individual service components.

 [Resolved] DPS and DPS (2015) Content Migration, Content Production and Publishing functions failing

Update 12:50 am PT. DPS (2015) App Building is now confirmed functioning normally.  Marking this event resolved.

Update 12:45 am PT. DPS (2015) Content Production is now confirmed functioning normally.

Update 12:40 am PT.  DPS (2015) Content Migration is now functioning normally.  Still testing for recovery of App Building and Content Production.

Update 12:30 am PT.  DPS Publishing has recovered and is now functioning normally.

Update: 12:12 am PT.  Still investigating.  We have discovered that App Building in DPS (2015) is also impacting.

DPS Operations has been called in to investigate a problem that is causing failures in both DPS and DPS (2015) solutions.

DPS Publishing is failing

DPS (2015) Content Migration and Content Production workflows are failing

Next update: 1:00 am PT

30-Jul-2015 23:49 PDT by Michelle Dalton

 Adobe Digital Publishing Solution now available


Today we launched the complete new version of the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution. To get ready for DPS, please read the following information:

Account provisioning for existing customers
We have started to provision existing Adobe Digital Publishing Suite customers. If you are an existing DPS Enterprise customer, watch your mailbox in the coming days for your activation email. The activation email will contain all the instructions on how you can start using Digital Publishing Solution. DPS Professional customers can request to have their account setup.

Service status
This page ( will continue to show information about service availability. The green icon refers to status updates for Digital Publishing Solution (DPS 2015). The purple icon refers to status updates for Digital Publishing Suite (DPS 2014).

If you are already subscribed to the status updates, you will continue to receive updates for both versions of the software. If you are not yet receiving an email notification when there are notifications for the services, please subscribe by providing your email address in the subscription box (on the top right of this page).

With kind regards,
DPS Team

29-Jul-2015 9:21 PDT by Mike De Laurentis

 NOTICE for Folio Producer API Users

The Digital Publishing Suite Terms of Use (TOU) will be updated on Monday, July 27th at approximately 12 noon PDT.

You must log into the Folio Producer User Interface using the same account you use to access the Folio Producer APIs and accept the TOU. If you do not accept the TOU, you will encounter a 400 bad request response error using the Folio Producer APIs (error status will read “TOUAcceptanceRequire”). If, after logging in with the associated account and accepting the TOU, you find the 400 errors do not stop, please contact Adobe Technical Support using the support-level information provided in your contract.

DPS Team

24-Jul-2015 17:52 PDT by Bur Davis

 [Resolved] iOS apps being rejected during app upload

Update 24-July: This problem has been fixed. Recently built iOS apps may now be rebuilt. This issue only affects apps that were built in the last 48 hours (from approximately 22-July 3 am PT to 24-July 5 am PT).

We have learned that the iOS viewer hotfix update that was released yesterday (22-July) is causing an app rejection error from Apple when attempting to upload a new app. The engineering team is testing a fix and plans an early Friday morning (24-July) release. This post will be updated after the release.

23-Jul-2015 14:18 PDT by Mike De Laurentis

 [Resolved]Production Upload and Publishing unavailable

Update 12:52 pm PT: We have confirmed full recovery of the system as of 12:30 pm PT.

Update 12:35 pm PT: System function has been at least partially recovered.  We are still testing and verifying full recovery of Production: Upload and Production: Publishing. There may be intermittent failures until that is complete.  Other functions of the portal are now fully available.

Update 12:06 pm PT: The publishing portal at is unavailable at this time.

The DPS Operations team is currently investigating problems which are making the Production: Upload and Production: Publishing capabilities unavailable to all users.

23-Jul-2015 12:01 PDT by Michelle Dalton

 Adobe DPS hot fix update (v32 2015-07-22)

The most recent DPS hot fix release includes bug fixes for iOS viewers. These changes are available for apps that are created or edited in DPS App Builder after July 22, 2015. The Adobe Content Viewer has not yet been updated to include these changes. For release details, see Bug fix release notes.

-The DPS Team

22-Jul-2015 17:11 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

 [Resolved] Application Account Creation issues

[4pm PST] When creating an application account, you may experience issues during the report suite creation.  Adobe is actively investigating.

[9pm PST] Root case has been identified.  Solution is being investigated.  Unable to provide an ETA on resolution.

[9:45pm PST] Current ETA on resolution is @ 1 am on 07/17/2015

[12:10am PST] The issue has now been resolved and report suite creation flows are now functioning as expected.

16-Jul-2015 15:57 PDT by Amar Pendala

 [Resolved]Publishing and Delivery failures under investigation

The DPS Operations team has been called in and is currently investigating problems that are causing publishing and content delivery failures.  We are working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Update at 4:15 pm PT

Service recovered at approximately 4:00 pm PT and has been stable since.

Update at 3:45 pm PT

Investigation continues as systems are still impacted.


15-Jul-2015 15:07 PDT by Michelle Dalton

 DPS iOS 9 Support

Adobe is actively testing DPS apps with the beta versions of iOS 9. We are committed to addressing any compatibility issues we find with existing Digital Publishing Suite applications. Any fixes for these issues will be released publicly prior to iOS 9 general availability. Updates will be communicated through

We have not identified any issues with current DPS applications and iOS 9 beta, but are continuing to test with each beta release.

We encourage customers with existing DPS apps to install the iOS 9 beta build and evaluate their applications on it. Please contact Adobe Tech Support if you encounter any issues.

10-Jul-2015 9:13 PDT by Mike De Laurentis

 [Resolved] Dashboard Analytics and Notifications error

[Resolved] Some users cannot access the Analytics and Notifications dashboard. The team is investigating the problem.

20:25 PDT: A service was blocked due a security setting. Operations staff resolved the problem.

12-May-2015 20:25 PDT by Costin Genescu

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