[Resolved] Dashboard Analytics and Notifications error

[Resolved] Some users cannot access the Analytics and Notifications dashboard. The team is investigating the problem.

20:25 PDT: A service was blocked due a security setting. Operations staff resolved the problem.

12-May-2015 20:25 PDT by Costin Genescu

Adobe DPS v32.5.3 update

The v32.5.3 release includes bug fixes for iOS viewers and Android viewers. For complete release details, see What’s new in this release and Bug fix release notes.

-The DPS Team

27-Apr-2015 15:37 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

[RESOLVED] Errors reported during Application Account Creation in Account Management Dashboard

[2015/04/28 12:55 PDT] Errors during Application Account creation have stopped. Note that provisioning of Application Accounts can take significant amount of time and refreshing the browser page after 60s will reflect the results. No further updates.

[11:58 PDT] Errors during Application Account creation have stopped. However Application Account provisioning can occasionally take up to 60s. In this case refreshing the browser pages shows the updated account status. Next update: within 24 hrs.

We are aware and investigating the increased response times and error rates during Application Account creation.

Reload the page after you experience the error. The report suite gets configured into the account and you can proceed with your workflows.

27-Apr-2015 9:25 PDT by Michelle Dalton

[Resolved] Dashboard Analytics and Notification errors

We are experiencing problems with Analytics and Notification applications in the DPS Dashboard. Users in Europe might see errors when clicking on the left side links in the menu. The team is investigating.

[2:42 AM PST] The problem is solved.

24-Apr-2015 2:42 PDT by Costin Genescu

[Resolved] Publishing failures

The system has recovered and publishing requests are now succeeding.

Marking this issue resolved.


21-Apr-2015 4:51 PDT by Michelle Dalton

[Resolved] Production Portal Unavailable

Update: 9:30 am PT: services have been restored and the site has been unbumpered.

Original message: DPS Operations has been informed of problems with users trying to log into our publishing portal.  We are investigating and have temporarily blocked access to the site.  This means account creation, content production workflows and analytics are currently unavailable.

No more updates

8-Apr-2015 9:17 PDT by Michelle Dalton

Adobe DPS v32.5.2 update

The v32.5.2 release includes bug fixes for iOS viewers and changes to the Reading API. For complete release details, see What’s new in this release and Bug fix release notes.

6-Apr-2015 10:36 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

Adobe DPS v32.4.4 update

With the v32.4.4 release, DPS App Builder requires new app icons and launch images to comply with Apple guidelines. In addition, iOS viewers now support folio rendition sizes for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. This release also includes iOS viewer bug fixes. For complete release details, see What’s new in this release and Bug fix release notes.

16-Mar-2015 10:55 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

Errors when retrieving Analytics reports data for Europe-based users

[09:00 AM PST]: No issues have been seen in the last 20 mins.

[08:30 AM PST]: The root cause for the issue has been identified and teams are working on a fix.

[07:10 AM PST]: The DPS team has observed errors for some Europe-based users when retrieving reports data. The issue is currently under investigation.

16-Mar-2015 7:18 PDT by Dragos Georgita

[Resolved] Apple – iTunes App Store temporarily unavailable

As a courtesy, we would like to inform all DPS customers that the iTunes App Store appears to be unavailable.

For more information, visit: https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/

This impacts all Adobe DPS apps that are using Apple in-app purchases.

11-Mar-2015 12:53 PDT by Bob Bringhurst

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